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This blog post goes along with Episode 9 of our Texas Leadership Summit Podcast
Host: Tim Webb, Founder & Board Member at Texas Leadership Summit
Guest: John Davis, Texas Church Leaders:
Suzanne Flammer, Citizens United:
Tressie Roark, Moms For America:

Success in church leadership at the local level is closely linked to a personal belief and a dedication to making a difference in the community, as shown by church leaders such as John, Suzanne, and Tressie. Their path started with personal revelations, with each of them experiencing a unique calling that pushed them to form their own groups. Their work was not merely driven by personal conviction but was deeply connected to their religious beliefs, as they faced major personal hurdles and financial issues. The core of their leadership is captured in the idea that genuine success depends on divine direction and the collective work of many, highlighting the importance of faith in keeping them moving forward. These leaders prove that overcoming challenges and keeping everyone together is essential, and their stories underscore that being an effective church leader involves a combination of steadfast belief, continuous effort, and the skill to bring people together and motivate them toward a shared goal.

In this episode, We are joined by John Davis, who is with Texas Church Leaders; Tressie Roark, who is with Moms For America; and Suzanne Flammer, with Citizens United. These great leaders shed more light on what inspired them to become church leaders, how personal faith moved them to start their groups, how they started the groups, and praying for leadership. They also share their insights on the personal challenges they encountered along their leadership journey, politics and faith, the impacts of the challenges they faced, and their final remarks. Tune in to learn more!

[02:46] What inspired John to take a stand with church leadership
[05:05] What inspired Tressie to get involved in church leadership
[06:07] What inspired Susan to do something about church leadership
[07:22] Suzanne’s inspiration to do Citizen’s United
[08:37] How personal faith moved John, Suzanne, and Tressie to start these groups
[13:36] How John, Suzanne, and Tresssie started these groups
[22:04] Communicating with John on the group
[24:10] Paying for leadership
[28:31] Personal challenges experienced along the way towards leadership
[38:40] Politics and faith
[45:56] Impacts of the challenges leaders face that encourage them to keep going
[59:42] Final remarks

Notable Quotes
(06:29) “Somehow, God has a way for us to do it.”
(10:07) “You do have to go back to the Lord; you are not going to do it on your own strength; you can’t.”
(20:45) “Don’t wait too long, just jump for it.”
(23:46) “Failed leadership costs lives.”
(29:10) “The Lord wants us to be able to still love even when we are pushing very hard.”
(31:18) “Not everybody is ready to accept or to even hear the truth.”
(44:33) “For the believer, there is no secular versus sacred, all life is sacred.”
(59:59) “United we stand, divided we fall.”

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