Education Is The Answer

Education is the Answer
by Kathryn van der Pol

Once a teacher, always a teacher.
I've been teaching for more than forty years. This week I started teaching Biblical Citizenship at Frieden’s Church in Old Washington, courtesy of their wonderful pastor Eric Dehmer.  
In our first class, we talked about the Pilgrims and read the Declaration of Independence aloud. After we read the twenty-seven grievances, one of the participants commented, “Seems like the same abuses are happening again.”  

"There's  nothing new under the sun, as the Bible says. We're never too old or too young to reread this document or to reflect upon those first immigrants to this land," I said.

In our class, we talked about a forgotten monument, the largest granite monument built by descendents of those first Pilgrims, located in the middle of a forest in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It's called the Monument of our Forefathers. Through its symbolism, it contains the "recipe" for good governance and a happy people.

One key ingredient is education. We must educate our children in the way they should go as Christians. This is the primary responsibility of parents with the help of teachers and churches. The Bible teaches that if the mother and father will train the children, when they are old, they will not depart from the ways of a biblical world view.  
The Pilgrims believed the result of these principles creates liberty of two types!  People will enjoy freedom from tyranny and freedom from sin, in others words both civil and religious liberty.  
On this enormous monument, a muscular Liberty Man wears the armor of God as described in Ephesians 6: The breastplate of Righteousness, the belt of Truth, the helmet of Salvation, the sword of the Spirit, and he wears the sandals of the Gospel of Peace—his chains of sin and oppression are broken.  
 In Brenham, Texas, on June 3, we have an opportunity to become swole Liberty Men and Women.
The Texas Leadership Summit is hosting its Education Pillar Summit at Champion Fellowship Church on Saturday, June 3 from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. The first 150 people to sign-up can get a free ticket, the gift of an anonymous donor, by using the promo code “FREEINDEED.”  
One of the speakers is Alex Neumann, an award-winning journalist, educator, and author. He is president of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc and has written for dozens of publications, including The Epoch Times and The New American. He has frequently appeared on Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax. His talk is titled, “Rescuing Our Children.”
He will be exposing the sexualization, dumbing down, and indoctrination happening in government schools—and the end objective. Alex will also discuss the history of it all and discuss Biblically based solutions.
The next speaker is Dr. Beth Meyers. She has an extensive background in public education and opened a private Christian school in Louisiana. She collaborated with legislators to draft an educational transparency bill that was signed into law. Her talk, “Through a Lens: The Clash of Worldviews” will discuss the clash of worldviews in education and how it manifests in the classroom.
The third speaker is Dr. Kelly Kohls. She describes herself as a freedom activist, an educator and businesswoman. She is the founder of an alternative organization for school board members called the National School Board Leadership Council. (The National Association of School Boards is the one that wrote the letter to President Biden that certain outspoken parents could be “domestic terrorists”).
 Her talk titled, “Beating the Odds to Make a Difference in Education” will focus on the importance of school boards and how school board members can guide the school district to make decisions that put students first.
Each of the three speakers will host a breakout session following their talk to speak informally and exchange ideas.
We are seeing the winds of change blowing into our community and there is no time to delay. Biblical citizenship has never been less understood and so, here is a fantastic opportunity to address this need. To sign up, the cost is $29.00, but if you sign up quickly, you can get a free ticket. Here is the registration link:
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