A Kingdom-Minded Community Impact

Whether you realize it or not, you, your employees, and your business are having an impact on your community. The question is: are you intentionally having an impact?  Is the impact in line with your Christian values and principles?  This blog will give you some ideas on how to be more intentional in developing a Kingdom impact on not only your community but also your team.  
The Greek word in the New Testament for church is εκκλεσια.  The reason I bring this up is that the original meaning of this word was marketplace or public square.  So, when Jesus tells Peter in the book of Matthew, “Upon this rock I will build my εκκλεσια,” the church hasn’t happened yet. To Peter, the εκκλεσια is the public square, i.e., the community at large. Only over time, did the additional meaning “church” apply. So, what is the significance of this?  It means that our businesses should have a kingdom impact because we are the εκκλεσια as well.  
How to begin?
It starts with introspection. Take some time to think about the big questions.  What do I really want to accomplish? Why am I doing this business? How is my faith connected to my business? If it’s not connected, why not? How do I share the profits of my company to glorify the Lord? How do I communicate these Kingdom principles and values to my employees?
Once you have begun the process of answering these questions, choose a small leadership team. Tell them you want their help in building these principles and Kingdom-work into your company. You may need to schedule a weekly meeting or go out to lunch or dinner. This takes some time, but it is so rewarding.
Plan a time soon after you start this process to share the ideas of this journey with all your employees. Ask your leadership team to participate in this. If you set a deadline for future announcements, be sure you keep that commitment.
One book that is very helpful for business owners going through this process is Traction by Gino Wickman, Kevin Pierce et al. It will help you as a business owner in many more ways besides increasing your community impact. It provides a wonderful method and case studies.  I would encourage your leadership team to read it along with you. Developing a bigger vision requires the cooperation of your team.  It must be organic.  
Depending on the kind of business you have will determine what type of community impact will be most effective.  For example, if you own a donut shop, maybe you want to adopt a school and support the teachers with giving them not just donuts occasionally but attach a sticker with a bible verse on the box, provide teacher classroom supplies at the beginning of the school year with an encouraging note.  
There are so many ways to serve. It just takes thought, some time to build excitement with your leaders and to share the vision with your employees. However you decide to have a Kingdom impact in your community, remember to do it with kindness, consistency, and may it be something truly helpful. Let your light and love for the Lord shine.
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