Legal Foundations For Your Business

When anyone talks about the legal foundation of their business, I always think of Stanley Tam. He's still alive at 106 years old, and if you don’t know this story, you are in for a treat. This man found a way to make God the legal owner of his company. Yes, that’s right. He literally gave his company to the Lord.
Now you might think, well it was just a small business, but you would be wrong. This is U. S. Plastic Corp., producers of over 30,000 products serving 85,000 customers worldwide. At the time of this writing, his company has given over $150,000,000 to charity.
I happen to have a connection to Dr. Tam.  I belong to a breakfast business club and in it is a member in his 80s who owns a large flower shop in Houston.  Every week, he introduces himself and says, “It is good to see  all your shining faces. The Lord loves you. Serve Him and you will be rewarded.” One day, we were having a round table discussion, and I asked a bold question, “Nino, have you ever heard of Stanley Tam? You seem so much like him.”
Nino responded, “I dated Dr. Tam’s daughter, and he was the one who brought me to Christ reborn.”
It’s a small precious world, right? Read this remarkable and inspirational story Dr. Stanley Tam by Randy Alcorn.
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