Our Mission

Jan 25, 2024    Tim Webb

At TLS, we want to empower everyday leaders with courage, tools, and hope to ignite a revival of Christian leadership.

We believe that it’s time for Christians to activate their faith in the pillars of business, education, church, and government. To bring biblical solutions for the problems we face every day while living in an evil world. Right thinking can bring a right response that is clearly presented in God’s word. We simply need the courage, tools and hope to step forward with our faith rather than submit to fear and live in silence.

Why are we passionate about our mission? Because failed leadership costs lives. At TLS, we believe that godly leadership as defined in God’s word can save lives. The Bible gives clear direction regarding each pillar.

Business stewards’ life, from the employee to the office of the CEO. It gives us the ability to use our talents to provide for our own family and still have an opportunity to help others and advance the kingdom of Christ.

Education gives life. The supreme purpose of education is to enable mankind to know God and enjoy Him forever. Education provides the pathway to eternal life and how to flourish within our faith. Faith is the foundation that leads us to understanding who we are and how we are to live this life to the glory of God.

Church sustains life. The church is where we find truth for all relationships. Our relationship with God, relationships within marriage and family, as well as relationships within the world we live in. At the same time developing leaders who can pass on God’s word for the equipping of future generations.

Finally, Government protects life. The government was established by God to protect the innocent and to punish evil.

We believe that TLS can provide an opportunity for everyday leaders to be empowered through their faith. Join us as we work to bring Christian leaders together to help impact our world for the glory of Christ!